2023 Pork share reservation form

No commitment by filling out this form. It's the ball that gets the process rolling. If you have any questions about the farm+butcher process, this is a good place to ask.

Record your preferences in this form and submit it. We'll get back to (usually within 24 hours) to let you know if you're in a location where we can deliver the pork to you from the butcher.

If you're approved, we'll send you a link to make a $50 deposit, and that's the point at which your reservation is locked in!

Share reservation request (or more info)

After your reservation is confirmed will pass on your number to the butcher and use it when we contact you for delivery.
Mid-November pigs are expected to be somewhat heavier 80-100 lbs. of hanging weight for a 1/2 share). Mid-December pigs are expected to be a little smaller but have more fat and lard (70-90 lbs. of hanging weight for a half share). Please note these are our best estimates at this time.
This amount will be your price per pound of hanging weight when it's known after butcher.
This is the amount you'll be billed for after the butcher date, minus your deposit. After you submit this form, we'll review this information and make sure your location is one we can deliver your order to (no charge for that) and if approved we'll send you a link where you can make your $50 deposit.
There's no commitment to buy until we approve this order and you make your $50 deposit. We'll respond by email after you submit this form, with a link to the deposit payment page. Thank you!