Dotty, Lightning, Creamsicle, Sunshine battle over a bucket

Embracing change

By Nancy Hildebrandt / 15 Apr 2024

2024 pig breeds, butcher, estimated weight, pricing

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Mysterious farm fairy appears in the late evening

My farm fairy

By Nancy Hildebrandt / 27 Jun 2018

I was sending off this photo to a friend when I noticed the luminous blue dot in the photo. My friend informed me that’s a farm fairy. Hey, I could use one of those. Or maybe the fairy is looking after the critters, not me. Orwell’s allegorical novel originally had a subtitle – Animal Farm:…

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Mocha and Latte just off the trailer

The guard donkeys are here!

By Nancy Hildebrandt / 26 May 2018

Who know that it could be so hard to find a ranch fencing contractor who had time to fence a few acres? I started working on this project eight months ago. But just a few days ago the fencing project was finished by the incomparable Ron Chappell from Statewide Fence Company and his sidekicks Oliver…

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