The Pig Whisperer

There’s currently a preponderance of smaller pigs: besides one boar and two sows, there are 6 teenagers and 11 piglets. They are heritage breeds, so all of them are pretty small as pigs go.

Yesterday there was a rather large group of people here for a gathering, and there’s a natural inclination to go where the animation is. Most of the visitors stood outside the pasture fence and admired the pigs and the view. A few ventured inside the pasture to get a closer look, but only a couple stuck around to spend more time among the pigs.

The clear winner in that category was Clare, who quickly got their curiosity and then gave her smiles and affection as she found the right spots to scratch, and soon they flopped around her. Clare clearly had talents. Even one of the smaller piglets who’s so far resisted humans came close enough to Clare to get her head scratched.

Clare the pig whisperer

Quotes and Trivia

Pigs are smart little creatures. They just need love.
– Shelly Duvall

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