I'm boarless and putting up three of my female heritage-breed pigs (two sows, one gilt) for sale. Each one has her own distinctive features, so I'll describe each one separately.

This pigs are located near Lebanon, Oregon. Delivery is possible.


Breed: Kune Kune/American Guinea Hog

Birthdate:  December 23, 2018

# of farrows: 1 (April 2020)

Price: $200

P2 is short for Princess II, named because she's the largest daughter of a sow named Princess, a Kune Kune, mated with a boar who was predominantly American Guinea Hog with a bit of Berkshire mixed in (white socks).

P2 has excellent productivity potential. Princess farrowed 9 and 11 piglets respectively, and P2 had 9 piglets for her first farrow. The pigs are butchered between one year and a year and a half and average 80-95 pounds of hanging weight – perfect for smaller freezers and/or home butchering.

P2 was a great mom. She wasn't protective with humans (helpful for castration and immunization of the piglets). She and Flower farrowed on the same day and they got along well with each other and shared the nursing of all the piglets. In a herd of 16, she is currently ranked #2, so she's fairly aggressive with other pigs.


First discovery of Princess II and piglets
A great choice for productivity.



Breed: Kune Kune/American Guinea Hog

Birthdate:  June 24, 2019

# of farrows: 0

Price: $200

If you recognize Spotlet, it's because she's been featured on our home page for a while. She's the only AGH/kune kune cross we've had born that has very prominent spots, rather than light ones embedded in the blonde.

Spotlet came from Princess's second farrow, so she's a niece of P2 and has the same productive potential of large farrows. She has always been very healthy and FAT.

Spotlet is also very shy of humans though. She has let me stroke her but only when she's busy eating, and not even always then. She's not agressive in any way, just shy. However, she has the potential to be a great mom and farrow great pigs.


Breed: American Guinea Hog (not purebred)

Birthdate:  May 2017

# of farrows: 3

Price: $180

Flower is a special girl. She came here when she was nine months old and has always been especially oriented towards humans. She has a way of making eye contact that grabs your attention, whether she's near or far away.

Flower's other special quality is that she has only had three piglets with each farrow. This is an unusually low number and doesn't make her a desirable sow for productivity – however, for small homesteads that want to pork for their own use and don't manage nine piglets farrowed a couple times a year , she would be ideal. If this is your first time raising pigs, Flower will make you love them.

Flower is quite simply an amazing mom. Not only is she not protective of her piglets around humans, she has generously nursed both Princess's and P2's piglets.

As the herd makeup has changed, I've seen Flower move to #1 in rank, but she I suspect in another herd she would not aggressively try to fight her way to the top.


A city child came running into the farmhouse. “No wonder that mama pig is so big,” she yelled. “There’s a bunch of little pigs out there blowing her up!”