What’s new for December 2022’s pork harvest

The reviews of the pork from the Spring 2022 harvest have been superlative. Customers who say they like lean meat and customers who say they like fattier pork cuts have both seemed to love purebred berkshire pork.

So what hasn’t changed is that I’m raising purebred berkshires again this year, from the same breeder.

I’ve made the following changes with this bunch of berks for the butcher date on December 11, 2022:

  • The pigs are still free ranging in pastures with plenty of forage opportunities, but I have changed their supplemental feed to a non-GMO blend with no corn or soy. They continue to get extra goodies of vegetables, apples, whey, whatever is available and in season.
  • The pigs will be butchered at 8 months of age instead of 13-14 months, which should make the meat even more tender.
  • The hanging weight should be less than last year’s pigs. I’m shooting for a hanging weight of 200 lbs. or so, though it always varies.
  • I will be taking the pigs to a different butcher and I think you will like the results! Parker’s Sunrise Ranch near Chiloquin, Oregon.

Why oh why choose a butcher so far away, you ask. Because it takes from a year to a year and a half to get a date with a butcher based in the Willamette Valley, and I’ve been very picky in my search for a quality experience, not just with the pork products from the butcher but with the butcher’s professionalism in working with customers to get your custom order the way you like it. Parker’s Sunrise Ranch is responsive and flexible, which makes the long haul worthwhile. This ranch is also where I pick up my berkshire piglets each year, so the pigs will be returning home.

So rather than my customers pick up their orders at the butcher, as is usually the case, I will be picking up all of the orders in early January and delivering them to your doorstep at no charge.

If you’re interested, see the information page for more details about what to expect and to reserve a half (or whole!) share. Half of the shares are already reserved!

Berks fattening up October 2022

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